MouthWatering Kerala Style Fish Curry

Kerala Nadan Fish Curry

Fish an integral part of kerala recipes, this recipe is easy to prepare. It is the favorite meen curry in the entire world. In Kerala varieties of fishes are extremely popular and consumed regularly in afternoon lunch. It has different variations depending on the region. Puzha meen will cook very easily too. I used to remove the skin of fish when making fish curries. Most of you won’t do that. It’s your choice. You can prepare as ur wish. Next time instead of frying fresh water fish, try this recipe and make a yummy curry. Ideally this curry is made in clay chatty, and can be kept for few days, without refrigerating. Keep the curry for at least 6 hours before serving so that the gravy absorbs all flavors, and to me it tastes the best the next day.

kerala fish curry
Kerala fish curry

Serves – 4-6
Total cooking time :- 30 minutesfish curry2


River Fish :                       1 Medium
Coconut Oil :                    4 tpsp
Curry Leaves :                 7 – 8
Red Chilly Powder –         2 tpsp
Kashmiri Chilli Powder –   2 tpsp
Coriander Powder –         3 tpsp
Onion (small) –                4 nos thinly sliced
Pepper Powder –            1/2 tpsp
Salt to taste
Tamarind –                      1 Lemon size
Kudampuli, 5 pieces (medium size)
Water –                           1 Cup



1. Wash and clean the fish and cut to medium sized pieces(cubes).
2. In a blender add the grated coconut, red chilli powder, kashmiri chilli powder and coriander powder. Blend well to get a smooth paste and keep aside.Fish curry3
3. Add the ground paste to the fish. Add salt and tamarind juice. Pour water below the level of fish. Mix well. Make a salt test here.
4. At this point add the kudampuli juice with the pieces, and enough water and salt and set to boil.
5. Add fish pieces and some more curry leaves to the boiling gravy and bring to boil, then reduce the flame cook covered, and then open for the last 3-4 minutes, till a oil layer forms on the top.
Switch off the flame when fish is cooked well and water evaporates(It looks like Meen Vattichathu). Your curry is now ready.



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